Welcome Christian Grunnah 14U Head Coach

Christian Grunnah, Head Coach of 14Us A native of Chicago, Christian culminated his

amateur hockey career at the highly acclaimed college preparatory academy, Shattuck-St.

Mary’s School in Faribault, Minnesota. Using what he has learned from in-game experience

and over a decade of coaching both on the bench and as the head of his internationally

recognized skills development program, Christian has applied his training techniques—as

well as techniques from speed skating, biomechanics, and downhill ice cross—to all of his

coaching and instructing. Earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting from the Moscow

Art Theatre in Russia, with a focus on ensemble development and acrobatic and movement

training analogous to those used by the famous Red Army hockey program, Christian has a

unique perspective on athletic performance. Since 2012, he has had the privilege of working

with all levels of players, from beginners to pros, both on and off the ice. He has coached internationally in

Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Canada, and England. Christian is a Level 5 USA Hockey certified coach.